The Auckland Business Forum (Forum) was established in 2000 out of frustration at the increasing time-cost to businesses - estimated at more than $1 billion annually – due to Auckland's severe traffic congestion, years of inaction and under-investment to build the city’s long-planned transport infrastructure network.

  1. The Auckland Business Forum comprises:
  • Auckland Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern) Incorporated
  • Ports of Auckland Limited
  • Auckland Airport Limited
  • Civil Contractors NZ
  • Infrastructure New Zealand
  • National Road Carriers (Inc).

In this section, you will find submissions that The Auckland Business Forum has made to the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/19 – 2027/28 (GPS 2018).  The Forum’s specific interest in land transport is from the perspective that Auckland’s “commercial and industrial traffic, which is critical to the city’s economy, is wholly dependent on an efficient road transport network”.

The Forum pursues initiatives to encourage transport infrastructure providers to take an “integrated network approach;” i.e. design and implement a transport system that provides a ‘catch-up’ to the chronic underinvestment that occurred in the second half of last century and gets in front of the increased transport demand generated by the recent surge in population and urban growth, and which is forecast to continue indefinitely.

Feedback on Auckland Light Rail Project

29 July 2021

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Submission on NZ Infrastructure Commission strategy consultation document

2 July 2021

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Submission to Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee on congestion pricing in Auckland

20 May 2021

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Submission on Draft Auckland Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031

30 April 2021

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Auckland Business Forum Submission to the Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport


Auckland Business Forum Submission to the Board of Inquiry for the Puhoi to Warkworth Proposal