Tuesday, 17th March, 2015

Planning to make a construction start on a new Harbour crossing within 10 years makes huge sense.

Welcoming news that NZTA has been asked to prepare a business case for another Waitemata Harbour Crossing, chairman of the Auckland Business Forum Michael Barnett pointed to a looming constraint of freight vehicle use of the existing bridge ‘clip-on‘ lanes.

Restrictions on heavy trucks using the clip-on lanes were expected by about 2020. “This will force trucks into the centre lanes and with Auckland’s population growth add to congestion on the bridge,” he warned.

“We need to be ready and give certainty that North Shore’s and Northland’s ‘economic lifeline’ infrastructure is able to meet demand.”


For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150 or mbarnett@chamber.co.nz
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

* The Auckland Business Forum: Members include Auckland Chambers of Commerce, Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern), Ports of Auckland, Auckland Airport, Civil Contractors NZ, Infrastructure NZ, National Road Carriers. These organizations represent a cross-section of Auckland industry and commerce whose role includes guardianship of businesses responsible for more than 450,000 Auckland jobs and generating 42% of New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP).