The Auckland Business Forum was formed in 2000 with a single purpose – to advocate for a reversal of decades of inaction and under investment to build the city’s long-planned transport infrastructure network.

The Forum comprises Auckland’s major business and transport organisations including:

  • Auckland Business Chamber
  • Civil Contractors New Zealand
  • Employer and Manufacturers Association (Northern)
  • National Road Carriers Association
  • Ports of Auckland Ltd
  • Vector Ltd

These organizations represent a cross-section of Auckland industry and commerce whose role includes guardianship of businesses responsible for around 500,000 Auckland jobs and generating 42% of New Zealand’s gross domestic product (gdp).

At the heart of the Forum’s agenda is a frustration at Auckland’s severe and worsening traffic congestion, and a long-standing failure to plan and build a transport system of a scale and capacity needed to keep pace with the region’s fast-paced economic growth and lifestyle.

Auckland has continued to grow in population and economic activity but the required transport network – both infrastructure and public transport services – have failed to keep pace.

The Forum’s specific interest in land transport is from the perspective that Auckland’s commercial and industrial traffic, which is critical to the region’s economy, is wholly dependent on an efficient, safe and reliable transport network. Our Agenda is not just about more roads, but also rail and provision of an integrated transport management system that gives real choice in how people and goods can move around Auckland.

As New Zealand’s only city of global scale, we want to ensure the Auckland region fulfills its potential to be a first-class “internationally competitive, dynamic and inclusive urban economy.”